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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm in Korea

Fanally, I could make it here. During trip, it took so long time. Now I feel like so miss the U.S. I hope to see the people whom I've met before. And I never forget the time when I've had The Bible Study group. And Everything.

Chicago is one of the best city that I've ever gone before. Of coursely, Chicago was first place to step. the reason why I want to go Chicago again is not only the people whom I like to see, but the culture that fit to me like feel so free. there is no barrier to make a friend and good atmosphere compare with Korea.

I'd like to take master course in Korea. That is first goal to achieve my life. But If possible, I want to take Ph.d Course in U.S. BUt there is some trouble, mainly Financial problem. But If there is support like scholarship fund, I won't hesitate to take Ph.D course in U.S.

This homepage is for my foreign friends and I hope my people read my article ^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

Today is Last Friday.

Actually, I've done my project. now I have 3 days to do something.
Since I worked here, I learned a lot and made a friend.
Here, the people whom I know are Den(I often called him Boss. I like that to call)
and Toni(Sometimes, I'm so confused her like Biny because that's more familiar than Tony)
and Bradley(he has good voice that make other people calm and good person)
and El(he is tall guy and busy man, sometimes I couldn't understand what he said because his saying was so fast)
and Nicole(She always say to us "Hello" with intense accent)
and Jordan(Actually I didn't have conversation with her as much because She didn't show up in here)
and Mike( he seemed to be busy working So I often couldn't talk to him)
and E(She is good person and When I have spare times, we used to talk to each other with any topics)
and Emily(she is working hard and also pretty. I hope she would keep in touch with me)

Now I have just one week to stay here. I hope these guys don't forget me when I event come back to Korea. My SKYPE ID is eunsoo86. If you guys have a SKYPE ID, Please let me know your ID though E-mail or you can add me as a friend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Month already started..

I feel it's not good now because of personal reasons. I thought everything is going wrong..And I left just one month to stay here. I have no way to achieve my goal. there are many reasons. First thing is my healthy typically. It made me not concentrate on everything that I have to do. And second thing is my faith. it's also complicated to explain. I hope Everything is gonna be better. I believe that my all of stuffs also would be better. I have to believe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday night in the company

It's so crowded here. Over 30 people still be here. Between tutor and student are still now doing something. Now I can't find student who want to learn anything that want. Also I'm feeling so tired 'cause I was working to make some flash file. I have no camera. that's why I can't take a picture here. I can guess this look would be last because there are many people who want to be tutor or teacher for student.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Today is Friday in the second week since we started to intern

I finished my studying right now. It's not easy to learn Flash Program. Everybody know, It's so complicated not only to organize some code, but also to decorate something by using stuff like pictures, sound, video. It already passed 2 week since we started to intern. So far, We didn't anything for this company. So I felt so sorry. Next week, I need to study more this progarm and make some project as well. Anyway, everybody have a Good weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In the work place....

The left side of picture is me who was working yesterday.
Today is Thursday. When I was trying to wake up in the morning, I felt so bad 'cause I don't want to go work only today. My body condition is not good as well. Now process of studying of Flash is going forward and I hope today I would finish the Lecture of Flash until work-off. even though I'm not good in terms of body, I have to finish this lecture for next step. below is the homepage of Flash lecture.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today is start to work

Now I'm with Jawoon Koo, other internship student dealing with flash with me. Today we are gonna study flash again for work. Actually it just has passed 3 days so far since we stared this internship. So I need to rush to learn about flash for project.

What's your favorite drama of US